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Gender diversity in positions of power: a well-orchestrated, social, and secular choreography

Published on 16 Nov 2023 by Sigolène Chavane

The access of women to positions of power within political, economic, and institutional realms is a true tightrope walk. Moving along the wire toward gender equality, with significant societal challenges on one side and cultural, structural, and cognitive resistances on the other, requires a great deal of courage and a capacity for self-reflection.

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Let’s turn our attention to the candidate’s experience

Published on 09 Feb 2023 by Églantine Jamet

During recruitment processes, many organizations express their fear of not finding a candidate up to their expectations. They often acknowledge the search for a 'unicorn,' yet find it challenging to let go of certain criteria that are not essential skills for the position.

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Recruitment: “The essential thing is skills. Certainly, but which ones?”

Published on 17 Nov 2022 by Églantine Jamet

When it comes to recruitment or career progression, there's a consensus that skills are paramount. The goal is to identify, choose, and promote the most capable individuals for the position. Up to this point, you might say it sounds normal, logical, and even reassuring. It's only natural that people are chosen based on factual, objective, and indisputable criteria. However, that's where it gets tricky...

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