Gender Diversity Executive Search
Gender Diversity Executive Search

Diversity, what for?

« Diversity is a performance driver  »

For more profitability

It has been demonstrated that more gender diversity in management and leadership positions has a direct impact on financial results.

Several studies that are replicated every year show that profitability improves when there are more women in senior management (McKinsey, 2017):

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A managerial responsibility

Diversity is also an HR matter for organisations. Women represent half of higher education graduates in Switzerland but only 18% of executive committee members in the public sector and 9% in the private sector (OFS, 2019), which is a huge waste of talent. Since 2015, gender diversity has progressed very slowly on a global level (McKinsey, 2020):


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A competitive advantage to attract talent

A diverse management is more closely connected to the reality of the market and of society. It shows a more inclusive corporate culture, a more open leadership model and more flexible management practices, which are very appealing elements for younger generations, both men and women.

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