Gender Diversity Executive Search
Gender Diversity Executive Search

About us

« Let’s walk the talk! »

Artemia is a unique Executive Search firm

Artemia’s co-founders, Sigolène Chavane et Eglantine Jamet, experts of gender and leadership issues, have partnered with the UMEO group, one of the leaders of the recruitment market, in order to create the first executive search firm specialised on diversity.

Because we believe in the power of diversity and since we know gender issues in depth, we have decided to unite our competencies to develop concrete solutions for more diversity in leadership roles.

Get to know the 2 founders

Sigolène Chavane
After working as manager and head of sales for 17 years, I graduated in 2015 with a Masters in Human Systems Engineering and started working as consultant and coach. A strong believer in collective intelligence and sustainable management, I specialised in the issue of gender diversity and co-founded SEM Succès Egalité Mixité in 2013 and Artemia Executive. As diversity is such a powerful driver for better performance and managerial transformation, I have decided to found Artemia in order to help organisations fulfil their fundamental needs on the long run.

Eglantine Jamet
I hold a PhD in social sciences and have specialised in gender studies since 2001. As Senior Lecturer at the University of Paris Nanterre, I have worked both in academic research and on field in order to offer my expertise to organisations. I co-founded SEM Succès Egalité Mixité in 2013, a non profit organisation that questions gender stereotypes in education, and Artemia Executive in 2018 to promote gender diversity in the business world. Since the issue of diversity is intertwined with corporate culture and management practices, I founded Artemia to support companies in the creation of a true diversity in their executive teams, to boost their profitability and build an innovative leadership.

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