Gender Diversity Executive Search
Gender Diversity Executive Search


« Building tomorrow's leadership »


In order to ensure a neutral evaluation of the final candidates, we offer an assessment service in line with the expertise and the mission of our firm, with a specific attention to cognitive biases and an inclusive reference model to assess leadership skills.

  • Guaranteeing an assessment process free of gender biases
  • Proposing a tailor-made solution
  • Optimising the timeline of selection and decision-making
  • Simplifying communication with the same contact person (when we are in charge of the whole process)

Our assessments are performed by a team of HR specialists and work psychologists.

Recruiting more women


  1. Identification of the key competencies for the job, in partnership with our client
  2. Creation of adequate case studies to assess the key competencies
  3. Psychometric test
  4. Analysis of the test’s results
  5. Assessment session in Artemia’s offices and debriefing of the results
  6. Complete evaluation report for each candidate



Content of an assessment

  • A psychometric test targeted to assess the key competencies
  • 2 or 3 cases studies in line with the context of the position
  • A self-assessment questionnaire
  • A clear evaluation grid for each exercise
  • A report for each candidate



Half a day per candidate

Our expertise