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Fewer Women in Bern in 2023: Why Isn’t Gender Diversity in Politics…

Published on 20 Nov 2023 by Nancy Duc

The commitment of political parties to field an equal number of women and men in the federal elections had never been higher than this year: 45% of women on the electoral lists, totaling 595 women and 729 men. A record!

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Artemia’s magic formula!

Published on 04 May 2023 by Églantine Jamet

Lack of gender diversity in leadership teams? Feeling that candidates with such a level of qualification or experience do not exist? That it's impossible to recruit a woman in a technical field or in a leadership position? Discover Artemia's magic formula!

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Why are men afraid of gender diversity?

Published on 09 Feb 2023 by Églantine Jamet

While progress towards gender diversity in the professional world is slow, there is currently a growing notion that women are inevitably favored, to the detriment of men. Where does this gap between reality and perception come from?

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Equal pay: the tip of the iceberg

Published on 03 Jul 2020 by Églantine Jamet

Artemia comments the new legal measures about equal pay in Le Temps.

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