Executive search

As any recruitment has an impact on the whole organization, we will be eager to analyse your needs precisely, to understand the context of your search and your corporate culture. Identifying the key competences that are required and the main challenges of the position will enable us to create the most adequate and inclusive job description.

Since greater diversity on management and board levels leads to greater profitability and stronger competitive edge, we always include the best female leaders in our Executive Search process. The excellence of our service is guaranteed by the expertise and experience of our consultants, the support of a highly qualified in-house sourcing team, and a tailor-made follow-up through each step of the process (search, selection, assessment, appointment, advice).


Our Executive Search service includes specific consulting on diversity and inclusive leadership

Business Lunch ‘Diversity Hiring’:

  • Getting to understand the impact of gender biases on the whole recruitment process
  • Discovering how diversity can boost profitability and innovation
  • Identifying effective methods and best practices to increase diversity

Workshop ‘Inclusive Leadership’:

  • Discovering inclusive leadership
  • Finding out how corporate culture and management practices can help retain talent and increase financial performance
  • Analysing case studies

Our experts also offer tailor-made consulting, according to the needs of your organisation.

Talks and Seminars

In order to promote diversity and innovative leadership, we are often invited to give talks and seminars in companies, universities or NGOs. We are looking forward to creating an event with your organisation!