Gender diversity is a core issue for your business

It is a performance driver

Several studies have demonstrated the direct impact of a better balance between men and women in leadership roles on the profitability of organisations. According to McKinsey’s Women Matter, the EBIT grows by 35 to 50% when the proportion of female executives is higher.

It is a managerial responsibility

Women today represent more than half of higher education graduates but less than 10% of senior managers. Putting an end to this waste of talent is the responsibility of companies, which are currently deprived of half of the talent pool available. A diverse management is also a driver for innovation and is connected more closely to the market, what businesses crucially need to strengthen their competitive edge.

It enhances your employer branding

Diversity is the sign of a modern and open business culture, as well as inclusive management practices, it is attractive both to customers and to talented young people, either male or female, who are tomorrow’s leaders. A better balance in executive positions can therefore boost employer branding.